Battery Maintenance Tips and How to Jumpstart Your Car

Battery Maintenance Tips and How to Jumpstart Your Car

A faulty car battery is one of those breakdowns that seem to spring upon you at the most unexpected times. Car battery troubles are pretty common even in newer vehicles because an average battery only lasts about two years. These car troubles are also much more common during wintertime because the cold weather puts a lot more strain on this important vehicle component.

With the right car battery maintenance tips, you can get much more out of your battery and avoid unexpected breakdowns that might leave you stranded. Here is a quick look at some of the best maintenance tips for your car battery followed by the best way to jumpstart your car in case of emergency.

The Best Battery Maintenance Tips

A little bit of TLC for your car battery will make a huge difference in the durability and functionality of your battery. Here are the best ways to keep your battery in great condition.

01. You should keep your car battery dry and clean. Too much build-up or corrosion on your battery thermal posts can affect the connection and might make it hard for your alternator to recharge your battery while you drive.

02. You should also clean corrosion from the connection cables. To do this, you can create a mixture of bicarbonate of soda with water.

03. Be sure to properly dry and clean your thermal posts and cables before you put everything together again.

04. You can also coat your terminals in petroleum jelly or get some terminal protectors from your local crevice centre. This will avoid corrosion and build-up on this part of your battery. Don’t add grease that might contain metal additives as this might cause your battery to start leaking power.

05. Make sure that your battery is snugly fitted inside your car. You should also secure the hold-down bar to minimize vibrations while you drive.

06. Check your battery regularly for visible signs of wear and tear. If you notice your battery expand at the sides then it might be best to start saving up for a new battery. Swelling is a sure sign that your battery is nearing its end.

07. Your battery fluids should be topped up now and then. If you do decide to service the battery yourself then you should wear protective clothing and work in a well-ventilated area. The battery fluids and acid can be pretty overpowering and can cause chemical burns on your clothes and skin if you spill.

08. Get your car battery tested every six months by a good service centre. Professionals can give your battery a good clean, they will top up the fluid levels and will ensure that it is still in great condition.

09. With regular maintenance, you can get a lot more out of your battery.

10. Drive your car regularly so the battery can recharge. If your car is sitting in the garage unused for too long, the battery will run down.

How to Jumpstart Your Car

It is always a good idea to have a pair of jumper cables in your car, especially if your car battery is getting old. Modern jumper cables are pretty affordable and very compact. Here is a quick look at the best steps for jumpstarting your car.

01. Unplug accessories and switch your car’s lights off before you get started.

02. Give your battery a quick look and make sure that there are no cracks or leaks before you jumpstart your battery.

03. Make sure that your car doesn’t have an electronic ignition system. These systems can damage some of the components in your or another vehicle.

04. Place both cars opposite to each other and connect the cables to the batteries. One set of cables should be on the dead battery and one on the charged battery. Pay close attention to apply the correct cable to the thermal posts.

05. Start the car that has a charged battery and let it run for a few minutes. This will give the dead battery time to charge.

06. Now start the car with the dead battery. Keep both vehicles running for about five minutes before you disconnect the cables.

07. Do not switch off the vehicle that had a dead battery. Keep it running and take it for a drive so the battery can recharge.

If your car won’t jump-start or if there is real trouble with your battery the best thing you can do is to get it serviced. Visit Ace Tune Mechanic in Melbourne and get your old battery tested to make sure that it is the battery that is to blame.

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